Time Bomb

hi all. im 21, just had a baby 5 weeks ago, and just today after having a ct, learned i have two kidney stones. thedoctorsaid that som people never pass them....so i guess ill wait and see. any info about this would be very helpful!
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yes it does stop after awhile, kidney spasms usually last 2-3 hours........the pain is caused by the contractions of the ureter, trying to pass the stone if possible...........<br />
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babyblueeyesfun is lucky her doc will keep her supplied with pain meds, I have to beg for mine and I have a 1.43 cm stone partially obstructing the ureter. I have daily pain which will last about 2 hours and then when it tries to pass, the REAL pain starts, but even that will pass after a couple hours, usually I have hit the ER by then!<br />
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PLEASE see a urologist!

If you pass one, it can be extremely painful....you will need to go to the emergency room at the hospital....drink alot of water...no cranberry juice as it causes them....dairy products also cause them....go online and educate yourself....the pain feels like a large stick that has been sharped to a point that is pressing into your back where the kidney is....it does not stop once it starts (until you pass it) and it does not matter how you bend or more or lay down,as the pain continues. Please take my work for it and go to an urologist to have the stones checked out. I keep pain pills with me at all times in case I get one. You cannot drive if you have a kidney stone attack as it is too painful. Good luck!