Saturday Surprise

I'm very tired right now. I've been in the hospital since 11am.  I've been going through pain since 10am or so.
I had some discomfort around the bladder area. I'm suppose to start my menstral cycle so I didn't think much of it. I have a fybroid the size of a grapefruit in my uterus and it gives me discomfort.
I did the dishes, put on my make up and had a bowl of cereal. I knew there wasn't anymore milk and out of butter, needed to head out and pick up a few things.

Went into the washroom to do my morning businesses and right after the pain hit me in my left side like a lightening bolt.  I took 3 Aleve. I was hopeful. No way I wanted to spend my Saturday in a waiting room for 6 hours to see a doctor.

And it got worse and it got worse until I was wailing in pain and started vomitting up my breakfast and kept over that toilet vomiting while crying in pain inbetween.
My bf said, "do you want me to call an ambulance"
I hated the thought...I wanted to say no, too much hassle, long waits, doctors...but the pain was a bit much.  I said 'yes'
He called, no patience for the lady on the phone with her is not a strong point with my bf.
First response medic shows up and does the questions, information, heart, oxygen level and all that. We wait for the ambulance.

Bumpy ride. Holy smokes. Who makes the suspension in those's like riding in a hay wagon.
I told him about my fybroid, though not sure if it has anything to do with the pain...which I said. Eyes closed, grasping my side in pain, every bump hurting like crazy..we talked about fybroids and health problems and so on.

Into the hospital, waiting in the hallway, clenching my side...lady comes to write down all the info.
wait, rolled into a hallway...wait...wheeled to a room, on to a bed....wait and wail in pain.  Left alone now I crawled into the bathroom, not sure if I'm going to be sick or not.  Crying in pain a lady comes in and takes name info and leaves.  She comes back. I'm squatting on the bathroom floor still talking not swearing but pleading with the pain to ease off. She puts the name band on my arm and leaves.
Wait, groans of pain, clenching my side, insane pain ripping through me.

Woman comes in and I climb back onto the bed. She puts the needle in my hand. I'm trying to hold still for her to get the I.V set up.
I hate needles.
Morphine is good though. Oh blessed sweet stuff.
She asked me if I could be pregnant. I told her, 'not at 45' She said, '45 isn't that old. Lots of people have babies at 45"
I told her....clenched through the pain, eyes closed to the pain....that I have a 21 year old and a 16 year old and that's good. Then I told her my bf is fixed.
I did add though, (jokingly) that if she could keep feeding me morphine and get rid of the pain, that if I was pregnant I'd name it after her.
Her name was Phoebe .
(which I didn' t know until later in the day actually when she was telling my bf I was going to name the baby after her. My bf said she'd be paying the child support then too as it couldn't be his if I was pregnant)

wait, wait, wait...a man came in and asked for a urine sample...didn't have much to offer but he helped me with my iv and was good about it all.
My bf had got my daughter from her friends and came up at this point.  I had the ultra sound.  But this man said he'd see if he could get me some toredol to go with the morphine....oh thank you sooo much.
A lady came in a bit later and I said, 'toredol lady" She said, "how much do you like me?"
I said, "I love you"
More pain killer into the iv.

rolled into the hallway
guy came back.  needed a ct scan
wait, 2 hours, wait
asked a couple more times for morphine
Then a lady came and said I had to get 2 to 3 glasses of water down me. So I start to drink, got more morphine and drank and drank and drank, lying in the hallway, my bf and daughter with me.
I got two in me and I started to shake. These are big cups. I'd say a 2 cup size, so I got almost 2 in me and shakes, pain and over all feeling horrible hits me.
I'm going to be sick. All that water is viciously wanting to come up and I'm fighting it.
It's in my mouth and I's all water, wanting to come up. My bf goes to get help.  I'm concentrating like crazy, head down, breathing...keeping the water in. Must keep it down, breath and swallow and the lady came to give me some gravol.
The lady from ct came and wheeled me down and left me in the hallway outside the ct room. 
Now the pain hits. Horrible. I said to my bf and daughter that the stone was on the move. All that water did something and I'm groaning and squeezing my side and dealing with a hundred knives slicing through my side.
By the time a lady came to take me into the ct room it had started to lighten up.
Had the ct scan done.
and wait out in the hallway...wheeled back to my old spot and wait.
Been there 4 hours now....and waited another hour
A guy came, not sure he was a doctor. I don't think I ever did see a doctor.
He said I have a 4mm stone blocking my kidney and the kidney is inflamed.
He'd have to make an appointment with a Urologist but didn't know what to do in the mean time. Said he'd have to go and find out...and left again.
My bf had left to go home and let the dogs out to go potty and came back.
The guy came back and said I was to take a pill to lower my blood pressure...thus opening the way for the stone to go out...I didn't get it all, but that's something of how it went.  Tamsulosin the med is called.
And some oxycodone for pain.
I'm going back to the hospital tomorrow for an ultra sound. They need to see if has passed or not, exactly where it is and what it is doing.
All depends on whether they need to go in and get it, break it up or what.
So right now I'm not in pain. The stone has found a spot to sit without riping my insides into a million shreds.
Now I wait. I hope it passes. If it passes..done, cool, over.
I need a shower. I hope I can have one before I go back....I'm so tired, I can't tonight. I hope in the morning before the hospital calls me.
Pain and vomiting, shaking with pain makes a person sweat,...all over.

Waited for the lady to come and take out the iv.
Waited while she found me a pill. They wanted to get one of the blood lowering pills into me right away to take effect.
Finally left. Starving.
Need to drop off the prescription and it's the parade for Santa Claus. We can't get to the pharmacy because it's along the parade route. 1000s of people and cars. So my bf double parks the car in parking lot of MacDonalds, the closest we can get...crosses the street where the parade is, getting through the lawn chairs and crowds. It's now dark out and 6pm.
I stay in the car. I can move it if needed.
He came back and we went to Swiss Chalet. We were all starving. Haven't ate all day.
Brought the food home and ate. Bf went back for the prescription and left for his poker game.

I'm so thankful for a laptop. I can lay down on the couch and be on here.
I'm really tired though.
I wonder how early the hospital will phone. I hope the bf won't stay out too late or he'll be tired for the hospital tomorrow.

That was my unexpected Saturday. No milk or butter yet...or all the other groceries I have to get.

I had kidney stones after the birth of my first daughter in 90. I went through all this then, sweats, vomiting and so on.
After my second child I had them again but not as bad, pains and passed the stone. That was in 95.
Never had them again until now.
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I don't need a kidney, thank you. Kidney stones are just one of those things some people get.

Wow!! this is a bad story, but you wrote it so fabulously lol.<br />
I know the pain of kidney stones..i've had lithotrypsy twice. I remember being on the bathroom floor in exactly the excruciating pain you're talking about....but..i remember the e.r. dr. giving me (i think) a suppository up the hooha, to stop the bladder spasms......oh the greatest relief ever!....*knock on wood* this was about 7 yrs ago...but it's good to know about the lemon and water...i do that all the time!

I'm glad I missed the suppository and was given Even though it's been 7 years you can be attacked again, so I've read and once they start they can keep coming back. The lemon water is helping so much. I'm still on antibiotics for kidney infection though.
I hope you never get them again, they are so painful.
take care

Lemon in water and olive oil. I read that on the internet and tried it and it helped. Now I've been putting lemon juice into my water every day. Some times I use apple cider vinegar in my water. I switch back and forth. I read that apple cider vinegar helps with acid reflux which I suffer with also.<br />
I've had 2 more kidney stone attacks since the hospital and many aches and pains in my kidneys...since my last attack, about 2 weeks ago ...I've been drinking the lemon water.<br />
I haven't been putting olive oil in it each time though. Drinking olive oil isn't so we'll see if this helps

Start taking TURMERIC. this is an immune enhancer. this willhelp<br />
Wallmart $7.00 herb isle bottom shelf<br />
1 capsule per day with meals<br />
90 cops 450 milligrams<br />
<br />
regards Simmer

Thank you. I do. I have a cupboard full of vitamins. I also have the spice and use it on my food. I'm always reading herbal info from magazines like Prevention, Best Health and so on and watching Dr. Oz and The Doctors. My family is huge into health foods and vitamins.
take care

Thank you. I hardly slept at all. Not sure why. I went to the hospital at 11am this morning and had an ultra sound. So far no more pain and no stone has come out that I know of. It's all just waiting now.<br />
I have a horrible headache though. I took some Advil last night at midnight and I took some today and nothing has touched this headache. I stopped and got milk, butter and some chicken fingers for supper.<br />
For now that'll have to do. We'll get through with what we have and I hope tomorrow I can feel well enough to go out and get some groceries. The stone can't move. It has to give me time to get rid of this headache and get out there to get stuff done.