The Return of the Kidney Stone

i've had lithotripsy two times and almost a third.  the prep the night before is almost the worst thing.  before my appointment at the hospital, maybe a week before the stone tried to come out by itself. well let me tell you i'd rather give birth to a hippo than try to eliminate a kidney stone!! the worst bent over screaming pain ever. the las time was over a year ago and i hope that's all.  one cool thing was the stones are kinda sparkly.... oh well
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seriously....quit flooding the kidney stone forum!!

I think you misunderstood me....lithotrypsy is not an invasive procedure. It's done only with shock waves.

not where I'm just show up...............they are not working on your intestines, just your kidneys.............its not invasive......

You have to take some liquid stuff called Citromag (at least where i'm from that's what it's called) completely empty your bowels before the procedure. Need i say more?! lol

elaborate please on the prep?


no sorry, my urologist just told me i wasn't drinking enuff water.......which is ridiculous because i drink a TON of water all day long.....hmmmm<br />
<br />
and just an update.............still no kidney stones!!!...;)

It seems like there are a lot of natural remedies to rid ones self of Kidney Stones (all over the Internet). Does anyone have first hand experience with any of these?

Yes. I suffer from medullary sponge kidney, so I will always be prone to kidney stones, in particular calcium oxalate stones. I have tried nearly all remedies: olive oil/lemon juice, just lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, vitamin b-6/magnesium citrate, asparagus/coke, baking soda, Crystal Light lemonade and none of these have worked for my worst stones. Some may help a little, but none provide a long term solution and none prevented them in the long run, even with drastic changes in diet.

The only natural remedy that has worked for me is phyllanthus niruri. I have been using off and on for 9 years. It relieves pain (colic), relaxes the urinary tract smooth muscles, dissolves existing stones and prevents new ones from forming. It has worked wonders. If I feel a new stone causing pain, I can make the pain go away within a few hours. I had a stone last year that was a '10' on a 1-10 pain scale, and I was able to get rid of the pain within about 6 hours, and pass the stone within 18 hours.

I ended up creating a concentrated extract that I am in the process of bringing to market, which is in handy capsule form. The reason I've created my own is that brewing the herb is too inconvenient, especially since I travel a lot. It's very powerful and fast acting, and most importantly safe for long term use. The best part is that I haven't had to make drastic dietary changes.

Anyhow, check out phyllanthus niruri on the Internet, or chanca piedra, which it is also commonly called.

I hope this helps. Feel free to message me if you need more info.

Oh JDW i'm with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please if there's a god....nO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I used to work for a Urologist and we saw a lot of patients with kidney stones. My mother gets them and from hearing her talk and everything else I have seen they are sheer hell. I feel for you I really do.

Lol, usually guys are the ones to get kidney stones. Not the best experience. I think that almost any guy can have a pretty good guess to how it would feel like. I got hit in the groin one time and it hurt so bad to pee after, lol. Just times that by 2 and you have the pain of a kidney stone. Good luck on the baby hippo thing. Just to let you know they weigh like !00 lbs at birth, lol.