Rock Collection For Sale!!!

I'm currently waiting for a stone to pass. I've had stones since I was 19 both genetically inherited and regular ones. Thankfully, a few years ago I got switched off pain medication and onto muscle relaxants. They have made dealing with the stones a lot more bearable. It takes me, between 10 to 14 days to pass most stones. I have had lithotripsy once. My major problem involves the exhaustion I experience. I assume it's my body's reaction to the pain but it means nothing is getting done and knowing that severe pain is on its way doesn't really help. I am allergic to most painkillers. The only real advice I've had is drink 4 liters of fluid a day, which I've been trying to do. The water, where I live, is extremely high in minerals and so I've gone to a purified water source and am hoping this will cut down on the number of stones I form. I'd appreciate hearing any rock humour, its what I prefer to collect
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