I Am Not Crazy

I have two kidneys fat lot of good they are doing my
my right is tron up pretty bad
 i have a 2cm stone

back when it was only 14 mm it blocked my tube so i had to have a Jstint put in
2weeks latter that was infected this started in Dec 2005

I have had 28 kidney / uti's since then

I am now on permanent antibiotics

I have had a total of 15 stones in my right kidney

and 5 in my left

I have been told by several doctors that stones can't cause pain and one even told me that a psychiatrist could help me more

so my little 14mm stone grew and grew

I finally have a doctor who understands the pain I'm in

and is helping me

librakitty05 librakitty05
41-45, F
Feb 20, 2009