Kidney Stones And Nausea - Too Much

About four years ago I had my first experience with kidney stones.  I wasn't real thrilled with the urologist I used at that time but didn't have any more problems for about a year.  Then all of a sudden WHAM!!! I have 5 all in the left side.  I went to a different urologist and began a long and draining string of lithotripsies.  By the end of the year, I had endured 23 kidney stones at least - 6 lithotripsies and 2 stints.  I have no idea how many I have had as every time I go back after lithotripsy, I have new ones popping up.  For some reason they are always in my left side.  Bent double in pain and uncontrollable vomitting - I don't know which is worse at times.  For the last two years, I am never without some degree of pain either in my left flank or left back.  Some days it is worse than others.  The Wednesday before Thanksgiving I had lithotripsy for a 7mm stone.  Since that I have been nauseated constantly.  Some days the phenergan keeps me from vomiting but the nausea is so aggravating.  Today I read somewhere that stones in the left kidney tend to cause way more nausea than stones in the right.  Does anybody know anything about why this is?  I have made an appointment to see a nephrologist in January!  Hope this yields more information.  They have no explanation for why I keep making stones and no suggestions to slow down the process.  Changes in diet have not helped.  Would love any advice or information anyone has. 

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I do not have any answers. But I have had kidney stones since Sept 2013 three surgies n 2 stents I stay nausea all the time it worries me have u found out y u stay nausea. Please email me kathy1956 greenwood@ Thank u for any information

OMG this is my situation! I've had lithotripsy with stent 7weeks ago and 6other surgeries to remove stones in the last year! Since then I've battled nausea everyday except for few days here and there where I feel better ! As well as flank and pain in my left and right back all this while taking allopurinol (may have misspelled) but I'm at loss and very depressed being sick 24/7. PLEASE ANYONE WITH SIMILAR HISTORY PLEASE SHARE I'M AT MY END HERE! THANKS

I can tell you that I just recently found out I had a 9mm kidney stone in my right side. I had the lithotripsy done about two weeks ago. I'm still suffering from the nausea. I'm actually looking up what else it can possibly be.

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I know that this was posted 3 years ago, but get the stones you passed tested. You MAY have cystinuria - it means you have too much cystine in your body and constantly produce cystine stones. (This is what I have, and I am nauseated 95% of the time).

For 7 years ive had constant nausea, 24/7 365 days a year. I recently changed doctors as id moved, and my last one kept insisting on prescribing me anti depressants for the nausea. Turns out, i have kidney stones in both kindeys.<br />
<br />
I get the dull pain, and the ocassional really bad shooting pain. But the nausea has destroyed my life. Im going to be severely pissed off if the kidney stones have been the cause of my nausea!! I found this forum once i found i had kidney stones and it seems fairly obvious this is the cause of my suffering. 7 years of my life destroyed, because my doctors wouldnt do the right tests. They just kept sending me to psychiatrists and dosing me up on anti depressants! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr think im going to sue them

My doctors had convinced me it was all in my head. For the past year or so ive been on anti nausea medication called Ondansetron which is used for cancer patients with nausea due to chemotherapy. They help, but do not get rid of the feeling.

Yes! I only have one stone on my right side but it's right at the bladder and won't push through and for 5 days now I've been in excruciating pain and can't keep anything down at all! It's the worst thing I've ever been through and I can't imagine being pain free ever again! They've sched surgery for me in 4 days to go through my urethra and take it out with a basket since it's so close to my ovaries and we don't want any problems with them!!! My prayers go out to anyone with kidneystones! They are awful!!!!

OH my goodness! I am so sorry to hear all this pain you guys have gone through! I am very scared, this is my first time dealing with kidney stones. I have 2 on the left side and 3 on the right. One on the left is 9 mm one. So they did the lithotripsie procedure a couple days ago and i dont know if it has done anything.. I also have a Nephrostomy Tube in my kidney, which is so horrible! It hurts pretty bad. I am 21 years old and a single mom. I haven't been able to function because if im not in pain im sick and passed out off my pain meds.. This is one of the worst things i have ever been through. I keep praying it will go away!

I am so sorry to hear of all your pain and nausea dealing with kidney stones, I call myself, "The Kidney Stone Queen", ... Ive had lithotripsies, cystoscopy to retrieve stones, I have passed some of them on my own, because I was too stubborn didnt want to go to the hosp. ...I must have a good pain tolerance, but believe me, in some, I have visited the Emergency room for pain relief, ....<br />
When I went thru menopause, they told women that we needed more CALCIUM, so I started taking calcium supplements at age 50. ....the urologist told me, at my first appointment, that unless there was a history of osteoporosis in the family, I neednt have had to take the extra calcium supplements. ....My kidneys filled up with Stones, unbeknowst to me, until the first attack, ....they ran every test imaginable to learn why I had so many stones, ...they studied the make up of my body chemistry, ..and 2 urologists came to the conclusion, it was from the Calcium supplements, I mustve had a calcium overload, Strangest thing is, I never had nausea with any attacks, UNTIL NOW, .... I am scheduled for a surgery on my big TOE, a ganglion cyst is growing inside, and needs to be removed, ...all set for tomorrow 6 a.m. and so now what, Im experiencing pain in my RIGHT BACK SIDE, with NAUSEA, ...I dont want to cancel this foot surgery, cause I already took my pre-op tests, ... Im pushing water to help the stone along, and taking some tyl 3 for the pain, I hope it doesnt worsen so I can get the toe surgery done tomorrow. ....and then deal with the stone, ...Unless Im bent over with pain of a stone, I try to first pass them on my own, ...but now after such a long time, now dealing with nausea, .....too, ......Im 75 yrs. old now, the last xray showed still have 2 stones, and l large one in the left Kidney, it is in a strange location in my kidney, cant litho it, the only time is, if this stone ever causes kidney malfunction, then they have to do a special surgery to open the kidney and remove it, even if they tried to crush it, there's no route from which it cam come out! .....<br />
HOWEVER, they always say, something "Good" can even come from something bad, ....<br />
From all that calcium I took, ...after a bone density test, my primary care doctor told me, that while the stones were painful, the calcium gave me Excellent bones for my Age! ....<br />
Now, I try to get my calcium from natural foods, Fat free cottage cheese, fresh fruits and veggies. ...etc., ... I have a small collection of stones in a jar, my trophies, that I passed on my own. ..... As my sister would say, .....too bad theyre not "GEM' STONES! ...... I empathize with your pain. .......Keep drinking Water! .... Im not making new stones, the 3 I have left are from the original crop! ....... Good Luck, You're not Alone!!!!

Hello. First of all I'm so sorry you have to deal with all this pain and nausea I have had a similiar problem. I currently have 17 kidney stones and have had a lithropsy which only managed to remove one. I was diagnosed with medullary sponge kidney which means I have tiny pot holes throughout both kidneys which make liquid pool up and as a result form kidney stones maybe talk to your urologist about this. There is no cure but alot of water can help flush the buildup away befoee they turn into stones. I have found I am in constant pain from this wether it is dull or strong. I have also read that the left kidney creates worse nausea I believe this may be from refered pain or from the kidney pushing and putting pressure on other internal organs. I am currently writing to you from<br />
my bed with bad nausea and pain in my left kidney. It's a terrible thing but I really hope this might help. Goodluck

Well, I have had the same frustration and discomfort from kidney stones. I had my first stone about three years ago and was "stone-free" until last month. I passed three stones in two days. Now I have significant pain on my left side that radiates into my back. I am going in for a CT scan tomorrow; I just wonder how many stones there are? They say that the pain is similar to child birth. If so, I now have a real respect for all mothers! Someone told me that cranberry juice helps prevent stones. I now drink a jug a day. Has anyone heard of that or have any other suggestions? Thanks my friends...I guess we are all in this together!