Megadoes Of Vitamin C: Beware "super C22"!

I am a very healthy person including eating small healthy meals, exercising regularly and fasting occasionally.  Since I recently turned 40 and my body is finally beggining to feel older than 20, I have been experimenting with various supplements, mostly one at a time.  I recently participated in one of those ObscenelyExpensiveShippingCostOnly deals to get a "free" trial of "Super C22".  The stuff is so amazingly horrible tasting that I could not do 2 Tsp (1500mg) so after the first dose, I cut it to half-dose (1Tsp) mixed with a bag of Emergen-C (1000mg), orange flavor, if that matters.  In about a week, I was stricken with 2 kidney stones over 3 days.  The first was sharp and horrificly painful which brought blood and tissue into my urine.  The second I captured and it was 3mm and egg-shaped (blunted) and was not nearly so painful.  If there is a researcher out there who would like to do an experiment to see if Vitamin C causes kidney stones, my 50/50 mix should be your test tool!  Obviously, I have stopped taking the stuff but I still have half a bottle left.  I suppose it actually could have been one of the other minerals in the C22, rather than the Vitamin C (or a mixture thereof), but since Vitamin C is BY FAR the main ingredient, Vitamin C is my lead suspect.  Here is the "Super C22" constitution (from the bottle): 1500mg Vitamin C per dose as ascorbic acid, calcium ascorbate, magnesium ascorbate, rose hips, acerola fruit extract, ascorbyl palmitate, potassium ascorbate, zinc ascrobate, maganeses ascorbate, molybedenum ascorbate, boron ascorbate, copper ascorbate.

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I have been using vitamin C powder for many years at least 3-6 gr a day in powder form. My mom has been using in in at least 3-6gr for years as well. Now my mom had a kidney stone prior to her taking vitamin C in higher doses and I was concerned that she would get even more stones. So I got her some stone devolving hers for that she took for a short time. Recently she had an ultra sound and there was no trace of the stones in her kidneys. Also as far as I know from the people who have done some work with vitamin C like Dr Klenner and Dr. Levi, Catcath ( just copy and paste to the browser or search )and they claim that vitamin C does not causes kidney stones. There are rare cases of people with kidney disorders who should not be taking larger amounts of vitamin C as far as what they say. So your few days experience with vitamin C has not caused you a kidney stones. You already had them begin with and as someone else suggest that your body may have actually based on the vitamin C acidity dissolving them and by drinking more flashing them out. Most common stone are oxilate based and those are easy to prevent with citric acid. You add some lemon juice to your vitamin C water and you will prevent formation of those calcium oxilate stones and they will desolve. So to finish this I am not taking this formula of vitamin C but pure one made in Europe. Vitamin C has been around for long enough to know what it does and what it does not and kidney stones is not one of the things it causes.

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If your "C", ascorbic, was usable by the body then yes there is a good chance of a calcium build up. The body doesn't use ascorbic acid, but will convert ascorbate to to a usable ascorbic acid, and then will store about 50% of what is ingested. The minerals to prevent any calcification build up, should be in a usable elemental size, like Angstrom, or oxides. Angstrom of coarse being the preferred size , being that it is a vapor suspension in water. Measuring 10 negative 8 on the Nano meter scale, which is the same wave length as a UV Ray light. Which means 100% absorption on a cellular level and can dissipate, over calcification.
Your minerals mentioned, are in a complex form, which depend on digestion for absorption and 1 to 5 % might work on a cellular level, if your lucky. The balance of the minerals in time will cause complications, with joints and organs in time.

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In 2007 I got back into tournament tennis. Used Emergen-C as my on-court supplement drink, about 6 packets per week, very diluted. In 2009 I had my first kidney stones ever, at age 61. Stones came for three years. Quit using Emergen-C after reading about their formation -- that was about 2010, and a really bad stone passing. No stones last year and none showed up in the last x-ray. Was it a coincidence..? I don't know. Just be careful.


Kidney stones don't form in three days! Chances are, your body was probably cleansing itself as a result fo taking the Super C22. If you already have kidney stones, which you DID, you just didn't know is likely the body will want to get rid of them when it is finally cleansing itself. This is likely what precipitated your kidney stones to reveal themselves in the way they did. I wouldn't stop taking the Super C22...I would thankfully continue as it seems to me the Super C22 was doing you a favor by ridding your body of what was already there! Kidney stones go the medical name of renal calculi (plural) and calculus (singular). They are not made of protein or red meat. They are minerals (calcium, phosphate, oxalate, urate, cystate and xanthine for starters). It usually takes several years for them to form and even then they often cause no immediate problems.

I was considering it this morning, Ive heard the add on the radio on the weekends on my way to work. First thing the sales person did was lie to me. I asked if they had a web site so I could check it out, "NO" it's new there's no web site so I just figured she didn't know but the other questions I asked were just not helping her case. I have to believe that the sales person really knows about the product and not give me the run around it is my money and if I feel that someone is not being honest or doesn't have a clue what they are selling than I don't need to spend my money.

Don't know who told you that. The website is

I bought the wonderful vitamin C supplement from some other company. I believe it was Roex. And they all say that they are natural. The reason why it caused the kidney stones was of the ascorbic acid. It is not good to get vitamin c which is man made. This stuff they put I believe in our wonderful fireworks for the 4th of July. It is toxic. Your body was trying to tell you to do it natural. Eat the organic vegies and fruits that have the NATURAL VITAMIN C..not man made. The other stuff will literally slowly kill you. I hope that helps. I've learned and just want to be able to make others think. There is nothing natural about ascorbic acid. They don't know or they don't care about the health of people. As long as they can make a buck that then it is all worth it to them.

1 pack emergen C contains 1000mg absorbic acid. 1tsp Super C22 has 750mg of 22 different vitamin c minerals. So you aren't getting too much of any one mineral. Which is probably what caused your kidney stone. Because too much vitamin c can cause reverse reactions. Do some research before you start mixing stuff like that.