Why Bother?

recently i checked my mail on EP+saw i had a new fan,+having joined recently,i looked 4ward 2 communication with the sender.i got in touch+tried 2 write a friendly mail,telling a little about myself in the process.the 1st reply i had was critical of my wording,saying terms i use naturally(not swearing etc)were uncool.wheni read this i thought maybe it was just that persons way,but otherwise they may be ok.so i wrote back,saying id note what she said.i received a reply stating my writing was 2 hard 2 understand,+they had refused any more messages from me.i really dont understand why i was contacted by this person.they werent prepared 2 overlook trivialities+i thought it was uncalled for in their reaction.it felt spiteful to be honest.i may be being a bit sensative there,but i try 2 avoid offending people+it seemed 2 me this wasnt something that had ever occured to them.every1 else ive contacted have been genuine,friendly people,so its not the norm,but why did they behave like that?anybody else had simi9lar?
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I wonder what Im complaining about when reading about being targeted by people for one reason.Ive nothing against what others do in their private lives,if it is not hurting others,but think its unacceptable to push it.People can always find them if they wish to.

im aware now that im not the only one but still i am ignored even though i know im spoiled. this probably doesnt make much sense because i am not telling it right and that is why its hard sometimes to understand other peoples writing.<br />
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im sorry can i start again? <br />
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i just wanted to say i can relate to your experience and youve got the right message. ignore it and dont let it bother you. i didnt let it after it hurt me i got over it.

i hadnt looked at this story for quite a time+was surprised to see all the answers.ifeel better reading all the kind comments +would like to say thankyou to all of you.good bless.

i recently was blocked by someone i had helped

Pedro do not be put off with these mindless idiots,EP is a great site however like all sites on the internet it also attracts some stupid prats,it would appear you came across one here,shut your mind to it,carry on as you are,you are a valued member of EP.

It is called Projection. That person is projecting their held in feelings they have towards other people. So do not take it person to you. They do not know how to handle their issues with the others so they let it out on a 3rd non related person. That is a weakness all of us humans have at one time or another. We all need to remember we are all in pain and to move on from a person who is not looking out for your best interest. If they are unkind...bless them and move on. There are Billions of other people in this world that are sooooooo much more interesting!<br />
+ We all love you!!!!

you"re right,thanks.

you're better off not dealing with a person like this. it would be no big loss to me, don't even bother to sweat it.

People who act ugly generally do it because they're mean and they can. That person doesn't even know you so it couldn't possibly have anything to do with you.

There are a lot of really picky people on here. If there's a writing that doesn't fit their specific preferences they will complain like little children instead of reading it for the content it contains. Don't feel bad. There really are plenty of people on here like that.