After much suffering I finally had my 2nd renal surgery yesterday.
However I'm in double the pain I was in before.
I'm now suffering with temporary partial paralysis in the legs too.
On coming home hubby has been around to offer coffee when he was making tea, the rest he spent outside waiting 4 hours on a 1 hour chore and then a further 5 hours doing his own thing, hence am having to pee in my pants which is accompanied by blood etc...calling my kids to help me to the toilet and bandage and help me into bed, change sides... Etc..
We argued as since after my surgery once awoke I wasn't in a rush to see hubby nor kids.... I was mortified to still being around.
With the new stuff and pains being dependable on a spouse who despises me, who continously emotionally abuses me, makes me feel guilty for my illness is killing me, made me cry since yesterday nob stop. He is taking revenge because he can't be suckling from his mother in Pakistan, he is lumbered with a respectable, loving family with genetic inherited illness and pakistani men don't do caring for wife and kids.
They care for sister in laws more.
Well my hubby even had a physical relationship with his older sister in law whilst she was engaged to his brother in Pakistan.
Both admitted it.
The same sister in law took his brother for a ride, sleeping around for money and getting away with murder because she is mother in laws niece... Even though they are rivorced everyone is always busy talking about her etc...
I'm just worth nothing, hence he hasn't liked being married to me.
I was a sort after lady, educated smart British and all his parents wanted was there fucktard of a son good for nothing gets a British passport and with a professional wife he will prosper..
They lied about his attributes, his upbringing all that stuff , he himself did all the lieing too.
Now it's too late for him so he as he can't leave me he makes me suffer
I shouldn't have come home from hospital to soon
But the kids needed me.
How am I gonna manage, I see only one way out.
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I went on to have my 3 rd surgery, was trying to recover with absolute no avail, however instead I suffered with 4 T.I.A.S and a major stroke, so now I've got renal disease, kidney disease and stroke disease and I'm already terminally ill and I'm fighting with everything for every sec..