I Have Lost My Children to Docs Too

I would love to hear from you and share stories, I am worried about publishing it on the internet at this stage. I have just spent around $80,000 to try and get one of my boys back. Please write to me
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if u want to do that let me or someone here know and ill work on getting a chat session together with us all to talk about our concerns etc... wishing u all a better year and a very happy one here for u all if ya need peace

i think we do need a support group either online or even a chat we can all discuss our issues together and maybe just maybe we can help eachother with wat we can something has to be done about the dept picking on the wrong families i have had nothing but grief given to me from the workers to the point now i have lost hope in ever getting my son home but i havent given up full hope i know my son will come for me he is now 15

What happened that they took the children? Are you ok and can you get legal aid??

i lost my son due to having no family support and post natal depression when he was 10months old he is now 14 and they have stopped all contact 4 the last 6 yrs and i am not strong enough to go to court and have them all attack me in court but i am seeking advice and damages through legal aid i've had it with them making my life this way never wanted this 4 my son they have done more damage then they think they don't make anyone's life easy hope things work out 4 u

I lost my son to long term care when he was eight. I had bipolar disorder and very little support, no dad for my child. I would love to start or get involved with a support group for people who share this kind of experience. Those who have their children removed from them are not necessarily bad parents or in any way to blame. I would like to fight this stigma together. Message me back anyone who is interested!

Hi if you like you can email me to talk,

am wondering what country you all are posting from?

I have court pending so am also guarded, I understand you and stand beside you in the fight

Thank you all that posted me a reply :) <br />
Just a update........<br />
I went back to court this January to have the matter relisted ( x our fingers in hope ) <br />
But no good was done back to court in March.<br />
Meanwhile...........<br />
3 little kids grow up (very fast) not knowing if they are comming or going.