DOCs Took My Children Last Year

Last Oct my 3 children were taken, the two youngest taken to the country, where I drive every Fri. DOCs wants them in care until they're 18. They want to come home, I want them to come home. I am not a bad mother, I couldn't cope for about 6 months, as I was burned out and needed support. They were not abused. They have always been loved and still are.

It's a living nightmare.. I have nightmares all the time and so do the little far legal bills are $30,000 and we haven't gone to hearing yet. I have just left my job. I have a constant headache. My oldest son is 200m in the next street. His friend's parents offered to take hum for life straight away! Kidnappers. I feel like I'm just the piece of garbage who gave birth to them. Noone listens to me, I'm just their mother! Sorry I'm so angry and bitter.

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Hi, I just read your post, what I have heard around a lot is though people that come into the centre is if you keep fighting for them and not give up, ( they make it hard not to feel like giving up) make sure they know your not going to give up, do parenting course before they even ask you too, and see a health worker, etc and then get all the references for all you have been doing since the kids were not in your care together, copies to them and keep yourself a copy, go to all meeting ( never on your own, get a HASSI worker to go with you and to see kids on access , ask the worker to take notes in meetings as the DOCS workers do,and of what the kids talk about on access with out asking then 100questions but spend time with them.... right before the court date to put the care plan in they stop it and call you to a meeting to change the care plan so you get your children back over a 6 to 12 mths reconciliation

This is all as long as the like you stated the children were never a bussed or in danger. Hope this gives you some hope. Good luck .

hi sammy<br />
i just read your story and i am truly sorry for you and your little ones.<br />
the first year mine were gone, i was very depressed and basically grieving.<br />
i slept in their beds with their pillows so i could smell them and sometimes didnt sleep at all.<br />
i grinded my teeth, cried, drank and was so angry that nobody would listen to my children or me...i too felt like i was just a body who gave birth to my beautiful kids.<br />
i hated being around my friends for a while cause they had their kids and i didnt...i wanted to hide.<br />
at times, i just survived until my next visit with my children and that was all i looked forward to.<br />
i was even angry at god for a time too.<br />
im on anti depressants but i have come a long way and worked really hard to be in a place where i can show that i can cope and i will continue to fight for my childrens right to be heard, to be home and to be loved everyday by me and their family.<br />
how are things going for you today? sometimes we just have to get through one day at a time.<br />
how are you paying for the legal fees...that is so much money.<br />
half the problem for us parents is the financial pressure because most people cant afford that kind of money huh. i just pray for god to provide and he does but its not as much as you have mentioned.<br />
its ok for parents to ask for help but these days you have to be so careful who you ask.<br />
i am very careful who i trust and talk to now and i spend so much more time with god and my close friends.<br />
you are worthy and a loving mother...dont ever give up.<br />
your kids need you and you should be together.<br />
i will pray for you if that is ok.<br />
thing is, we cannot change the past and we need to forgive ourselves so we can move on.<br />
learn from the past and what led to your difficulties coping...get as much time with supportive and encouraging friends as you can and talk to god about how you feel...he listens.<br />
i sometimes get upset about the time i am losing with my children whilst they are with another family but i know they will never forget me and one day they will be home.<br />
keep going and think of positive things.<br />
rest when you need it and try to take a slow walk or go for a swim when you have the really helps to clear your help me alot too.<br />
lotsa love to you and a BIG HUG.