It all started the end of year 2004.My partner and i were going through a bad patch (after being together 8 years bad patches seem to happen alot) When Docs (Docs is Department of community services) came along and said that the kids had to go with them as my house was not safe with all the DV going on. Anyway we had no choice but to let them go the next day we were awoken by the cops knocking at the door with papers telling us to be in court that morring..........................................and so on.

AS you can see we are now nearly at the end of the year 2006 and i still dont have my kids they are staying with there grandmother and we see them for 2hrs on a wen/fri afternoon and 10-5pm sundays.

If anyone has been been were i am at could they let me know how to deal with it better and maybe help me fight the big people. 

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Thank you all that posted me a reply :) <br />
Just a update........<br />
I went back to court this January to have the matter relisted ( x our fingers in hope ) <br />
But no good was done back to court in March.<br />
Meanwhile...........<br />
3 little kids grow up (very fast) not knowing if they are comming or going.<br />
There has to be a better way to do this :(

What exactly happened? I might be able to help you if I knew the details. What does DV mean?