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Twice That I Know

THe first time, I had my glass of tea spiked, but wasn't told until several months later. The guilty parties were wise not to tell me or there would have been litteral H3ll to pay! It was spiked with Meth! My Ex allowed someone to put a pinch in my glass wanting to see how I'd "act on it"! HOW WARPED IS THAT??!! But the joke was on them! After I poured my glass, I kept being interrupted for one reason or another, abandoning my seat and drink. I completely forgot the drink, and never even got a sip!! THERE"S A LESSON FOR YOU! KNOW the heart and intentions of those "closest to you"; or you can fall prey to the most TRECHEREST actions!

The second time, some idiot tried to spike my bottle of beer with a sleep aid. The supposed untouched bottle was frothing over the neck like a rabid dog! Of coarse, I didn't drink it! So here's ANOTHER TIP... DO NOT leave your drink unattended at a table!! Not even for a bathroom break! Finish the drink, or take it with you! From my experiences, I even take these precautions one step further... I don't ACCEPT a drink brought to me except by the waiter, bar keeper, or a friend that I've sent after the drink! If I was offered a drink by a stranger, I carried it around for awhile, and then chucked it when noone was looking.

emerald emerald 36-40, F 2 Responses Apr 7, 2008

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Thank you for sharing YOUR example! I think you should write a story on it! Women especially need this warning! YOunger, eager, more innocent and unsuspecting women at that! I'm glad things turned out ok for you.

Ugh. I had a drink spiked one night, and I drank it. I didn't know it until about until it kicked in. All of a sudden the bar was on its side, my eyesight was like I was wearing very dark sunglasses, and it was almost impossible for me to stand up. I panicked, because I couldn't find the two friends I'd gone to the bar with, so I went outside. One of the bouncers asked me if I was alright, and I shook my head no, but he let me go anyway. I made it outside and down the street to where I knew a cop was always waiting for drunken bar patrons. I told them what happened, or as best I could - my speach was so jumbled and slurred. They took me to the police station and had to call my parents for me (I was 21 when this happened). They took me home, and I was sick for almost three whole days! It had only been my second drink, but it was like I had just downed a galoon of Jack all by myself. It was horrible. To this day, I will NEVER leave a glass unattended. I'll even take it outside with me, or ask the bartender to keep it behind the bar while I go to the bathroom or stand outside while my friends smoke. I count myself very lucky. It pays to be careful!