Not Sure What Drug

So I am a 20 year old (18 to drink at home, Australia) and know my drinking and drug limits (moderate drug user, marijuana, ecstacy and speed) although my story doesn't consist of any drug use, well not voluntarily.
Ok so it was a Wednesday night and at the time I was with only 4 mates all of which are blokes and we decide to have a few birthday drinks. I had work till 8pm so I had no time to pre drink so by the time we reached town I was sober except for one beer I had in the car there. Had about 6 drinks at this quiet place, feeling tipsy and we decide to buy some cigars so I go across the road. Leaving my two drinks with my 3 mates and return. From memory this is the only window period as to where I could've been easily spiked.

Anyway I return and finish my drinks and we leave to the next club. Now on the way out I caught up with some girls I am friends with so I went with them. Taxi ride was 5 minutes. No drinks or drugs In the car. Like I said nothing except alcohol was consumed on this night.

So we make it to the next club and I dance a little, normal behavior. I go to the bar and buy another two drinks and talk to the lady at the bar for no more than 10 seconds. And it's just black after that. Sounds like I just got white girl wasted but I assure you I can drink alot more. I didn't think I was spiked until I started to come to reality. It was 11:30 at this time.

2:30am I'm in bed and I either gain consciousness or am just sobering up but I have no idea where I am, no idea how or when I got home and my head is very very light. It feels as if all my limbs don't work and I can hardly talk or think. I text/ring a few people and find out one of the girls said I suddenly turned from normal to crazy drunk and was falling over and whining?
So her sister gave us a lift home and thats were I snapped out of it a little.

So I'm feeling so tripped out I decide to walk in my parents room and as much as I try to talk properly an tell them what I thinks happened I struggle to even talk. Dad said he heard me come home at 1 so i was in bed for an hour and a half doing what?! staring at the ceiling or passed out? So dad drives me to the hospital and the dr said my heart rate is 160 and asked if I knew where I was which I barely did and he took a breath test and I was only .15 which is 6-8 standard drinks at the most so I wasn't even too intoxicated although I recall vomiting around 11-11:30.

As I have done party drugs before I didn't want to freak mum or dad out so I tried to control it and make the best out of it and it was scary but I caught myself giggling at the doctor.
The doctor said I was definitely under the influence of a drug and he's not sure what.

Mum said I was crawling on the ground and couldn't walk and just talking **** like apparently I kept saying I hadn't been raped because my arms have no cuts so I didn't have to fight anyone?

I only took $60 in town and came home with $25 so I could've only had 8 drinks MAX.

Thank you if you've read this far and I'm glad I probably got the best outcome from the situation.

Nothing I've ever taken has come close to this. The blood results will be back in as few days and we will see what it was. If these symptoms or behavior sound relevant to a drug please leave a comment. EDIT: sorry for the late update. The doctor said no known drugs came up in my blood test although apparently there are a few that can go undetected. I've spoken to a few people since then and apparently a girl I know had a sip of my drink and vomited and I kissed a girl (I have a girlfriend) so there's a few things that don't add up
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ryphonol has some of those effects too... also known as roofies

Not too sure about this, you said your limbs didn't work and your memory goes black..

Those are BOTH side-effects of a Benzodiazepine, Or it could be something less legal.

If it was a benzo then whoever put it in your drink was playing a game of russian roulette, Benzo and alcohol is very very dangerous and has caused people to fall into a coma or even cardiac arrest.

8 drinks shouldn't put you under the table or make you babble nonsense unless you only drink once or twice a year at the most.

update your story when you get your blood results and let us know what it was.

I've always wondered if they spiked the drinks of guys. I guess the answer based on this is, yes, they do. Whether by accident, or just for fun or a random target, they do.... I feel so sorry for you. Now, imagine if you were a girl.....