Drink Spiking Is A Cowardly Act Of Crime

I am a 28 year old mom of two kids and I would never ever even dream of being a victim of drink spiking if it hadn't happened to me. I am not a regular drinker and I'm well known, among my circle of friends, to reject two out of four casual party invitations. I remember going to the party with two friends of mine. It was actually hosted by the grandson of the owner of a big hotel in our city. The crowd at the party seemed very decent and well to do, meaning that there was really nothing to set my alarm bells ringing. My friends introduced me to a lot of people they knew at the party and the conversation and atmosphere was actually very pleasant. I do remember looking around for a service staff so that I could get a drink as I had finished my second glass of gin and tonic. After a few minutes I noticed a guy from the service crew pass by with a single drink in his tray. I gave him my empty glass and I asked him to get me another gin and tonic but to my surprise he told that the drink in his tray was gin and tonic. I asked if I could have it, to which he answered yes. I also remember my friend introducing me to a guy who used to date her nearly two years ago. I do remember talking to this man and having my drink. I also remember feeling very drunk and dizzy after a while. The only way I can describe it is that I felt that the world around me was full of dark shadows and moving forms. Somewhere in the back of my head I could hear a male voice asking me if I was alright, then all went dark. When I woke up, I was fully naked and lying in between two naked men. There was one more man lying naked on the floor of the room. I remember feeling terribly scared and having a sensation of pain all over my body. I was so messy as I had ***** all over me. I felt so dirty and extremely sad. They all woke up hearing me cry, searched for their clothes and just left. I felt so miserable, so lonely and I couldn't even find my clothes in the room. I found out that I was in a room at the same hotel that the party took place. I called my husband from the room and he came to get me. We went to the police to file a complaint and I went for a medical check up immediately after. The doctor's report stated that  multiple men had intercourse with me that night. There were apparently a group of men involved in this crime and some of them have been brought to justice but some other cowards roam free. It took me two days to physically recover from the after effects of that night but mentally it still haunts me on some nights. I am writing about this experience to warn other women out there that these spineless cowards show no mercy and strike at totally unexpecting and innocent victims without a conscience.

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1 Response Mar 4, 2010

So sorry to read about your story. At least they were brought to justice, it seems. There's never a party that you can go to outside family, where drink spiking isn't possible. When I go somewhere, I always watch the bartender make my drinks, but there are any number of ways that bad people can spike your drink....