I Am Done.

I have had the only person I have ever truly loved with me for 8 years, I made sure that she never lifts a finger, She did not cook so I did it. Every day. I made sure she never paid a bill or ever had to go get groceries. She "over time" became very hurtful with name calling when those dinners were not on time, or when I did not have the house clean enough for her level of approval. She has been moving her stuff out slowly for the last few days now, and every time she shows up here, she is still trying to say nasty **** to me and get that last jab to me. Why I will never know, I loved the hell out of this girl and I guess I still do, but she has been so vicious with the way she talks to me, I just cannot bring myself to stop her from going.

Oh man I am leaving so much out.

I miss her soooo much yet I can't make myself stop her from going.
MesaKK MesaKK
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2 Responses May 9, 2012

i'm so sorry this must be hard for you and i know exactly how it feels losing someone that you love and i lost that someone 3 months ago as she left me for another man but in your case i'd say it's for the best....i hope am not being rude or something but if a girl loves you she would want you to feel happy and comfortable not bossing around and hurting your feelings for no reason and plus partners should be helping each other..not leaving everything for you to do....you seem to be a very good man and i'm sure you will find a great woman who will make you happy :-)

This is just so sad *hugs*