Lots Of Hated Love

    I have been married twice and had 6 promises of marriage.  My first marriage was for 13 yrs, and the second was for 2 yrs, my heart was ripped into two  both times, all of the others I think look for imperfections to judge us by because they were given a false idea of what a relationship really is.  we teach our daughters it is all princes and princesses, while we tell our boys it is all about physical  contact, or we dream up our own thoughts of how it should be and pass that along as a "gospel" Truth.  when  the people we meet are not as we expected we are taught just get rid of them.  My wives and I were taught 2 separate  ideas that clashed and as a result we wound up broken.   we said hurtful things and did hurtful things because we were told that this is what to do when..... Anyway heartbreak sucks and due to this I am weary of even trying to be near anyone.
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Thanks I am sad to hear that.