Heartbreak Is Your Best Friend.

You know what it feels like to have your heart broken? It feels like a million wheels turning in your stomach, a pressure setting inside your gut that kills everything inside of you. Your life is ****, you loose some of your friends and your ex... that ONE EX that said they would love you till the end, breaks up with you. One way or another. But it happens. And out comes your heart pouring out.
Just when you thought things
couldn't get worse, your ex dates somebody else. Some ****, some whorish ***** whom you probably met before, or somebody you have never met EVER in your life. But then as months go by, you still dream of him. You're trapped in his illusion of love. It hurts. It truly freaking hurts! I dated a boy. We dated in freshman year of high school. We broke up a year and a half later. He was the longest I've ever had. But now? My life still revolves around him. We broke up freshman year. I'm still moving on. I'm a Junior now. Insane. But then you finally realized life has a meaning again. You can do it! You can love again. But what happens when you've been stepped in the tail by a complete stranger who turned into something meaningful for a little while and lies to you? Nothing. Because you're probably still thinking about your one true love.

Listen! I'll let you on a little secret: your ex gave you a secret weapon. Your ex has taught you not to cry for fake-lovers. Your ex has taught you to be strong. Your ex gave you strength. You're someone new now. But trust me. You're not the only one whose heart broken. I am too. We've been separated since 2011. I'm still trying to get over Franky Perez.. but i cannot. Because i. Love. Him. Forever. And. There's. Nothing.i. can do..........

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Alice18 Alice18
Nov 28, 2012