hi would love to hear fro anone like me on my own im battling depression have been for 25 years married for 32 years a good man but he could not cope whit me because of my depression iv been on my own now for 7 years and its a nightmare
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i am here to talk anytime you need a friend.

i wanna hold u both. i to suffer with this nadore u both for sharing. it takes alot out of u n somehow u search for strength even when impossible. hang in there n know me being a perfect stranger well im here and will always listen

sugar, I lost my husband to cancer over two years ago, and Have had a hard time, it's only recently that I feel alive and that my life is not over , maybe the one as I knew it, but there is so much to look forward to. In those years,I was very depressed and just forced myself to get out of bed and kept busy till I went back to bed, always having to account for my day in bed that evening, even if it was just little things that I had done. It gives you a sence of accomplishment, no matter how small.I have always been happy with the person I see in the mirror, and that plays a big part. remember yesterday is gone, we can reflect on it , learn by it ,but never go back. It's today and tomorrow in which we live, make each and everyday your best. Go out take a walk, see friends, enjoy all nature has to offer. Live, God Bless