Blue Eyes Blue..

i dont know how or where to start my story im sure this is not new at all..well i never thought i could fall for this kind of man that many would not u know y coz hes a family man a married man...but how cud i ever resist not to fall for he is so kind, understanding and most of all he loves me too (sight)...but now hes is gone he just left me all alone i never thought that it would end.. so many promises but failed to fulfill them...and it really hurts me so much!!now that he left me!

sweetseptember sweetseptember
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Men only? <br />
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Looks to me that women are now really equal to some men as expert in cheating and not going into commited relationships despite what they say..<br />
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I still love her<br />
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Men are dogs, they tell you one thing and then they go against it.