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I Gave Him My Heart And He Gave His To Another....

I met him around the middle of last year he seemed like the quite type but kind. We began to become close friends. we went skating together and i would even visit his home and he mine. Now ever since high school I have always been sort of closed off when it comes to men and being in relationships because I have a very strong fear of being hurt. I'd spoken to his sister and told her that i may be forming strong feelings for him. It was then that she told me that he said he liked me too, and that truly made me happy. One night I took a chance and did something that I have never done before....I expressed my feelings to him. He smiled and said "I know my sister told me" , and that night we rode home holding hands, but it didn't hit me until i got home that he didn't say it to me. and after that night things changed he didn't call like he used to and we barely spoke. Some weeks went by and one Sunday I noticed he had left church earlier than usual so I asked his sister where did he vanish to and she said " Oh he left in his girlfriends car", it took everything in my to hide the hurt on my face, my heart sank into my stomach and i just felt so sick. that whole week i would just find myself crying and crying and that's just not like me. I can't even cry at funerals. The hurt has been too much I just can't seem to understand how a person can break a heart so easily and smile at you like nothing ever happened.
SimoneDalliance SimoneDalliance 18-21, F 3 Responses Jul 20, 2011

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Time is a healer.....Prayer helps alot too. Yes ...we can never understand why people do hurtful things n smile with u. Selfishness it is. Take care of u, the rite guy wil come along some day

Too many people these days live their lives only for themselves. They are takers. Then you find there a still quite a few givers....those who think of others more often than not. I kinda like that sorta world. Where people care for others and others care for them. That way, we all feel good. But, reality tells me it's not gonna be that way unless the world changes, which I don't expect till the end of times. So, we're left to cope with the offal of such people who would not give a whit if they left tears in their wake as long as they got what they wanted.<br />
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Don't despair, not everyone is like that. However, life will lead you to people who are the takers and you'll be hurt again. It happens to us all. Just look to your God or within yourself and are an important part of this world. You have a role to play and things to do. Get on with doing them. The right guy will come along one day, but don't fret over it now. You're way too young to be so troubled. loved him and he didn't love you back.....that's part of life. Just buck up and know you're worth a lot and someone, one day will see that.<br />
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Hang in gets better with time (believe it or not now).

gr8 advice ...thanxs this helps me a lot also