I Was To Young

ok so at the age of 14 the summer b4 my sophomore year of high school i finely met this boy that i had been liking seance the beginning of my

freshmen year hes a year older then me he messaged me on myspace and we got to know each other school started and  we started talking in

person we really liked each other so we started dating now my best friend seance i was 8 stopped talking to me because she had liked him but she

knew that i had liked him first and she knew she wasn't supposed to try and get at him cuz it would hurt me sooo much because i really liked him but at

the end of our freshmen year she  had started talking to him  and she asked if it was ok if she liked him and i said yes because i would have picked

her over a boy i didn't even no any day but they never started dating because she told him she had feelings fore someone else so that's when he

started talking to me anyways she started calling me a hoe and a bad friend and everything out side my name after being together fore almost 2 weeks

we had sex (id give anything to take it back) we gave each other our virginity he would tell me he loved me and he wanted to be with me forever he

would call me all the time we would talk 4 a long time he would make me laugh and i would smile just thinking about him he was the first boy i brought

home and introduced to my family i even met some of his family . . . one day i went to his house after school we had sex again i had just turned 15 a

week b4 this and i got in trouble fore not coming home that day but when i did come home i was moved to home school the next day (Saturday) i called

him and told him i was grounded till my Jr year and i was going to be home schooled he broke up with me without a seconds hesitation over the

phone it was sad because the following Monday we would have been a month all the way up to Christmas he still called me and told me he loved me

and he wanted to get back together when i went back to school  but then the phone calls stopped i went after school one day hoping i would see him

i saw one of my best friends she told me the day after i moved he was talking to girls  this is when my heart broke i went home locked my self in my

bathroom sat on the floor with my knees to my chest and my arms rapped around them i rocked my self and cried till my mom came and got me out

the bathroom till this day she does not know we where dating or that we had sex or what i was crying fore its my Jr year now im 16 i see him everyday

at school we say hi and huge each other we talk sometimes he says he still wants to be with me we even kissed 2 weeks ago and it felt perfect it 

makes me happy just thinking of it but i know i cant be with him because he will just brake my heart all over again i know it seems dumb because we

wasn't even going out fore that long but from the first day i saw him i knew i was going to love him and it was going to hurt
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1 Response Oct 22, 2011

i really enjoyed readinq your story bestie.! & im srry that this is happeninq too youuu, it suckz bein hurt by some guy ...knowinq where to stupid to fall inlove with. but theres a difference between love & friendship, & i will always be heree around your lifee. too help youu threw the qood & bad. i dont need too know your a qood ' best friend because i knew youu for sooo lonq, & i knoww you defenitly are. know matter waht happens , we will always be best friends for life, & know matter how many friends i had, i consider youu beinq the best one. Wishh youu the best luck , you diserve it. & youu know i will always be hear for youu ,!<3<br />
-wheree kQueens 4 Life Gurl. (: * hahaa