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Watching Other's Break

Today my heart broke for two dear friends. This morning I went to the funeral of a colleague whose son died fighting a fire north of Boston. My dear friend whom I have stood in the trenches with for years, stood in front of a packed church and delivered a eulogy for his son. He did this with class and dignity. I blasted into the city did a little work, saw a feW clients and headed into mass general to check on another colleague, whose one year old daughter had brain surgery. It's cancer and it's not good. Both of my friends having their hearts ripped out today. I am home now, on the couch counting my blessings.
Amala82962 Amala82962 46-50, F 1 Response Dec 30, 2011

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the tragedies that others suffer do make you count your blessings ... I can appreciate what you've said.