And It Goes On And On...

Marry Your Daughter

So, I think this is my most heartbreaking song as of this moment. Maybe because the guy who's been my someone special for a couple of years used it when he proposed to his girlfriend. I can't help but to be emotional because I still can't accept what happened. We haven't met (EVER) and that make's the whole story stupid. I fell in love with something with no assurance. I don't want to have that same thing again.

Yesterday, while hanging out with my brother (2 years younger than me), he played the song. At first I just pretended to be annoyed and so. I told him to change the track, he kept on teasing me. I jokingly hit him so hard because I'm about to cry. I laughed pretending to cover up the pain. I can't believe that I still feel the same degree of pain. Listening to the lyrics, my brother kept repeating the words, I suddenly cried. I almost mourned. I felt embarrassed because people were around us. My grandmother and my cousins asked why and I just laughed, but kept on crying.

--Why do I still love you? 3
18-21, F
Jan 15, 2012