The Hurtful Words "we're Through..."

I honestly believed in him, when he said that he loves me too.
I gave him my all believing that he was true.

I looked up at him as though he's my knight, who will save me from the darkest night.
A knight who will fight and die for my sake, just to keep the vow of love he made.

But suddenly I was slapped painfully with his coldness and lies.
I know was foolish considering him as my perfect ark, because of the obvious reason that he was slowly breaking my heart.

I dont know what i've done, to be treated like an old crap gun.
He just hold and see me when he's bored, then do tormenting acts that makes me fold.

He care less about my weak soul, who was yearning to become whole.
My fragile heart was just asking for him to love me true,
But instead he crushed by saying we're through....
helenselene helenselene
26-30, F
2 Responses Mar 11, 2012

It really is a bad feeling. To look at someone, to really love them and picturing a beautiful future with them. And when that is crushed like that. It just seems so impossible to accept. But that feeling will change, it will get easier. And eventually you will find someone else. But I know right now, words like that have no real meaning.

Thank you for your kind words. :) you are most certainly right.. At first, it was very impossible but i've learned to accept things and now though im still coping, i am very much positive that everything will be fine. :)