But What To Do With It Now....

   So my heart is broken.  Big deal.  It happens to millions of people everyday.  It's happened before...and it may happen again, right?  So what the hell am I supposed to do with this busted up piece of crap now?  What are the options?
   I can't rip it out.  That would hurt, and I'm kind of a baby.  I can't make it quit.  You'd think all the smoking and caffine would have done that already, but nooo!  Should I try to turn it to stone?  So that I don't feel anything for anybody?  No?  Should I put a thick wall of ice around it?  So it will never again know what warmth is?  Hmm...That doesn't sound good either.  I'm afraid the other people in my life might be affected if I go quite that far.
   I've been trying the "wait and see" method.  Yeah.  It sucks.  I've been trying the "it just takes time" method too.  That sucks even more, quite frankly.  So what's a girl to do with a heart that's in a million pieces?  Make a necklace?  Messy...don't you think?   Could catch on though.
   Well...I could try to put myself out there again.  Dating?  Oh what fun!  Let's just do it again!  Yippie!  NOT!  So what DOES one do with a broken heart?  Because so far....All the options just seem to SUCK!
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It has happened to me multiple times and I'd say that you've done the first thing--Acknowledging that you are brokenhearted 2. See if you can see yourself moving beyond the pain 3. Give yourself time to cry and heal 4 Do the next thing whatever that is and Keep doing those things that give you joy. If none of that helps you move forward Ask God for a helping hand.

my suggestion is that you begin the process of grieving. <br />
<br />
did your family of origin teach you how to grieve ?

Oh little baby girl.....you are s@rew€d....you can't stop your heart from loving, that would not be an ex<x>pression of who you are. So forget that.... Chin up! Smile on face! I know it's hard. Oxo, kat

Thanks. Was just having a VERY bad night here for many reasons. I've decided that while the number 13 is unlucky for some...the number 17 must be unlucky for me. I know I will get over my troubles but the waiting is defintely not one of the fun parts...So! Chin is up. Smile is on!.....And a brand new pair of shoes is in the closet just waiting to be adored by me! ;)

Atta girl! ;-)

Keep on keeping on

Thanks. Just venting a little.

It's ok honey. I didn't realize you'd written so much.

Yep. Occasionally, I try.


About what?

Ask some questions


Thank you. I'm waiting

Done. With answers to all replies thus far, too!

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