Only You.

I don't remember a specific day in which I felt that I had finally feel in love. There was no Devine moment. But I remember her telling me she loved me. I remember her saying it with a smile, declaring it in front of her friends. I remember two days after saying it back. I blurted it out. I said I think I love you. she said I love you too. remembering that makes my heartache and my stomach scream. I'm still in love. it's been two weeks but I still love her as much as I did on the day I told her I loved her. I miss her. God knows I long for her to be next to me. It hurts she's already moved on and I'm just here thinking about a girl who not only broke my heart but destroyed my soul. I want her back. I want her to love me like I love her. I want her to say she made a big mistake and plead for me to take her back. I know she won't but I can dream cant I?
AllisonRue AllisonRue
May 7, 2012