He Just Broke My Heart Into Million Pieces!

Thanks to him, I became so unstable with my preparation for my Master's study now, I remained in my homeland and decided not to travel back to the country where we lived together and I built my career.
Why does he has to break my heart when he was the one who gave me the light?
Why he came to an ugly me when there are millions of girls crazy for his handsome features?
Why did he choose me just to end up making me cry and bended on my knees?
Did my attention and loves really suffocated him?
How can he pledged to hold my hand till we old when from beginning he knew he would not want any commitment with me?
I really wish he would never stayed with me for 2.5years, just to make me cry almost everyday.
Conclusion, I was blinded by his perfection, and tried to be one..which ended up hurting me.
He is nothing but just a shard to me now...
misssnail misssnail
22-25, F
May 7, 2012