i have only had 1 dom/sub relationship. It was long distance but i have known the person since my teeanage years.
Reality is i was a molested and abused child for many years growing up and sex has never held an appeal to me. I let the emotional and physical shutdown from self protection as a young child rule most of my life.
I don't know what happened to my master , we said good night one night and he just stopped calling or answering my text. Whatever happened i know has to be something in his personal life because i did nothing and would never have anything that would cause me to lose him of my own actions.
But what i learned through this first experience is a need a loving master.
I need to beable to feel safe and im not sure i can find that again but i would like to try.
Reality is , im hurt and broken and very sad and i need a master who can take all that away.
EasyLuvn EasyLuvn
Dec 2, 2012