Just wanted to touch base and say hi....I'm away from work this week,enjoying a much needed break from the foolish nonsence of retail...I didnt realize just how stressed out I was til I got away for longer than a day at a time. Lately its been a lot of bullshit,and I wonder why I do it to myself. Sure,the obvious reason is: BECAUSE YA NEED TO EAT! (or pay rent, or one of a thousand other frivilous reasons).

I start feeling sorry for myself and my supposedly lousy situation. Then I think about Sandy Hook school,or Aurora,Colorado,or one of the countless other trouble spots around the world. Then I ask myself:What am I BITCHING about? I've got PROBLEMS?? DONT THINK SO!!!!

Sometimes,it takes a week off to make ya really think about why I'm doing what I'm doing. Then I look around at all the other problems this world's facing. Suddenly,I realize that despite all the foolishness in retail and life in general, my problems are TRIVIAL in comparison to a Sandy Hook, an Aurora or any of the other global trouble spots. So I guess the short message i'm trying to get across is this: BE THANKFUL. I'm not saying life is a bowel of cherries,and that the sun shines 24/7.

Life can somtimes be a monumental PAIN IN THE ***! But we all need to keep going ,and be thankful for the people in each of our lives who make our journey easier either in big or little ways.
jw47 jw47
Jan 10, 2013