Heart Broken

I was seeing this amazing guy. We met online the way everyone seems to be doing these days. He was in the army and I was working in the same building as he was being trained. We knew instantly that we were going to be together. It was in May that he moved in, only a month after meeting each other. Soon after we went on an amazing camping trip with his parents who adored me!
I was so thrilled when we decided to take the next step... thats right, we decided to get a puppy together. We picked her up and I was the happiest I had ever been. We raised that little pup, trained her and loved her with all we had.
Then September came...
He found out he was going to be going overseas to Kabul, and there was nothing I could say to stop him. I begged and pleaded. All the fears of dating someone in the army came flooding to my mind.
Christmas came, and I went with him and the puppy to his parents house, where we had an amazing Holiday. He found out he was leaving in february and then suddenly the Holiday turned into fighting. The stress of it all caused more and more fights, when suddenly two weeks before he was being deployed, we broke up. I moved away, he got the puppy. A week before his deployment he met a girl at his going away party...

That was a year ago. And they are still together and I still love him.
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1 Response Jan 11, 2013

I can totally relate. I have a boyfriend, rather ex-boyfriend from the navy. The thing about military guys are that they are attractive, intelligent, and hopelessly cunning. :( Me and my x broke up finally last october 21. I will never forget that day. We were kinda like you, when we met, it's like instant fireworks. I can even swear I was drawn to him instantly. Our relationship moves very fast, too fast for our own good. In the end, I was the one left devastated by the whole break-up, now he has a new gf that he brought to his parent's house and introduce to the whole family. Imagine how i felt when i found out, I was devastated because he had lead me on, promise to marry me, and drop me off just like that. until now, i'm still processing the whole fiasco. God help me!