The Reason I'm Broken.

When I was sixteen and a junior in high school I fell in love for the first time. He was two years older then me, with the most beautiful green eyes I'd ever seen. After a few days of flirting and many of our peers suggesting we should date as they thought we'd be the perfect couple, we shared our first kiss and he asked me to be his girlfriend after school outside of the cafeteria. I still remember all the significant memories we shared and all the strong feelings I felt for him at the time all firsts for me. The first few months was perfect as all relationships start out as, we spent every waking moment together, from the time we got to school until eleven that night and every weekend all day together cuddling and watching movies. He was the first boy that came to meet my parents, and the boy I gave my virginity to and all the while he wasn't who I thought he was. Some time in October he told me he was getting put out of the place he was residing in, his best friends house, he said it was over money issues and him not being able to pay more than he could afford. My father in an unlikely turn of events let him stay in our home. During the duration of his stay, I began to see the real him. While he stayed in my home, he picked up a new group of friends and a new group of bad habits. He would begin to smoke weed and not do any of his work in class, he started cheating on me, he even gave me chlamydia which thank God was taken care of. He also began to lie to me all while my family and I were providing for him, and he was living in my home rent free under the assumption he was acing his classes and on his way to the schools he claimed wanted him for a scholarship. Eventually his staying there caused too much stress on me and my father put him out. I spent almost two months, devastated, depressed and broken, in fact I discovered he already had a new girlfriend a week after we broke up. He came back into my life and moved back into our city and I forgave him. The cheating and the lying got worse. He slept with many girls from our city and I received the infection once again and thank God I was able to get rid of it and caught it in time. He began to tell extreme lies on my family, saying terrible things like we wouldn't leave him alone, I was stalking him, (although he would always show up at my house, call, text, email, took photographs with me and walked me to school on several occasions) he even went as far as to say I was not his girlfriend just a mere acquaintance. He also spread lies to the new school he attended saying I slept with a mutual friend who was once my ex boyfriend which I never did. It took me almost two years of prayer to be able to remove myself from that situation and I've never been more thankful or more happy about it. My most recent ex boyfriend was a pathological and habitual liar as well. I'm a college freshmen now, with a new boyfriend who is an amazing guy, I just can't find it in my heart to love him. Hopefully with more prayer and faith and trust in God I can do just that.

Thank you for reading.

God bless.
lonelyheart19 lonelyheart19
18-21, F
Jan 16, 2013