Its Long...very Long

Normally no one breaks my heart, no one gets that far. But my recent and longest relationship with the BF i have now has caused me much..but im still here loving him.

It all this to do with his ex..she's crazy..but anyways...He's cheated on me with her...over 3 time probably..He supposably loved her and me and he was very confused..i knew he loved her but i didn't think he would do such a thing, and i've broken his trust b/c of it but only once, and i told him teh truth b/c he said he would forgive me, but he didn't tell me what she did, it was her. B/c she used to call and harrasss me, and email me, myspace, all that. It was a love triangle...was...but he finally choose one. Me. I never saw what he saw it here, and i hate her, but she erks my curiosity. I've above her in so many ways..the only thing she has over me is in age..about 6. I mean they were posed to get married twice...teh 1st i didn't know about it until he denied her long after b/c of me and teh fact that eh didn't want to, the 2nd i wasn't there, but then he came back to me and brought me into it and then didn't do it b/c she interfered with our relationship...why marriage? b/c she is an illegal immigrant and he cared enough to help her. he broke my heart by lying many times, by stalling and making he wait, for making me put up with her, for all teh late night phone calls he made to her, saying things he didn't mean, giving his love then taking it back, harsh words etc. its a very long long long story...anyways...we r together now, and we both have trust issues and otehrs to work out, but we still love each other, and he no longer loves her b/c of her ways. Besides, if she wants to become legal she can't be with him b/c i will NOT allow it...besides...he wants my babies :) but she is a ***** and won't give up, but i will never let a relationship end b/c of some chick. I don't fight over him either, i give him a choice, i ask him and he tells me what he wants, simple, if he wants to b with me its yes, if not then let me go, don't let me sit here and wait for you in pain.

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Loving someone doesn't mean that it is best for either of you to stay together. And frankly, without trust, IMO, real trust, you won't make hard as you try. You can find someone with whom you don't have to have so much much bad history.

Try not to are worth more than settling for anyone and anything. We all are. And if you settle, your children will have to KNOW you don't want that.

Be well, I hope you find your joy.

My prayers are with you. Things will get better and be o.k.

Wow :)