In Fairness, I Thought I Had

There were plans that had been made and after you split up there is this feeling of void, as though you are living half a life, you are not living the life that had been planned and meant for you.

You see things that constantly remind you of him and you think as to why they must exist everywhere- why is his christian name now being used for every character on television or repeatedly used as the caller-in on the radio; why is his quirks and little sayings becoming so mainstream that you hear them over and over again whilst he is no longer there.

And then you cut any communication he has with You, withdraw from the idea that you could be friends as each tale of a new date or a new interest has you questionning what is the difference, even though it was yourself that initiated the ending.

And then you find in life that things are working in a way that would not have happened with him- you realise how little you were of yourself and you embrace a new life- you find someone that makes your heart sing as opposed to ache and you find in him the qualities that were bereft from the ex.

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2 Responses Oct 6, 2008

It takes us out of our comfort zone too, and that is when we are susceptible for change. We are not able to work on our faults when we are in our comfort zone.

...and you move on. Nicely written, and well said.