Broken Twice

I had my heart broken by the father of my kids two months ago. he had cheated on me. I was devastated because i waited for him for two yrs while he was in prison and when he got out i thought we were gonna be together untill i found out he was cheating on me.  but then I met a great guy and withou knowing it i fell for him. I gave myself completely to him. he is in the army and i traveled three hours one time to meet him and we spent a beautiful night together i thought i had finally found the one. he is stationed in washington but he lives in chicago so during easter he went home to see his family. and when he got back to washington he told me that while he was in chicago an ex girlfriend came looking for him and that they had gotten back together and that devastated me. i miss him and feel like ive lost a great guy because he was honest to tell me the truth. i was never his girlfriend and he still told me the truth. but that doesnt stop me from feeling devastated and broken.

loveless2 loveless2
Apr 22, 2009