Help Me Please !

Hi i know I'm only young but i need some help/advice  from people who understand what I'm going through .


 In the last few months a lot of things have changed in my life and not necessarily for the best . I always turned to this one friend for help and advice they have been there through everything with me . A few moths back i realized that i had fallen in love with him but i was to scared to tell him because i had recently had some boy trouble and could not bare to think how i would mange without him if he did not take it well. I then found out my oldest and closet friend liked him and i already knew he liked her , one night they told each other how they felt and on that night after they had i deiced i had to tell him how i felt but i did not tell him how strongly i felt for him, Time passed now him and this other girl are in a relationship they both now know how strongly i feel for him that I'm in love with him which i told them myself because if they had to know i would much rather i told them they heard it from some rumor.

But now i don't know what to do anymore he is not only my best friend he is also the person i trust the most in the whole word and my first true love and i don't know how to deal with this anymore


If you have any thing you think may help me or just general experience then please comment .            

(P. S sorry about my spelling)

Bayhan Bayhan
22-25, F
Feb 18, 2010