My dad dropped me off at my soccer game at 5:30pm for the warm up and were supposed to come back at 6:45pm for the game start but they didn't show up and I had to get a ride from my friend. When I got to my house there were police there and an ambulance. Turns out while my parents were dropping me off this guy thought our whole family was gone so he broke in but my brother who is 15 was there and my 11 year old step sister. My sister heard the man and ran outside into the forrest and then to my neighbours and my brother went to confront the guy but he hit him and then stomped on his leg. Which means he out from semipro hockey. He just played his first pregame yesterday of junior hockey which is usually guys 17-22 and he just turned 15. So he is probably out for at least half the season. I am pis$ed. My stepsister is fine. My stepmums jewrery and 2 macbook pros and me and my brother perscription meds.
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I'm so sorry