Bad Mistake!

I am honestly and genuinely kind to others, it's just how I was born to be. But many have mistaken it as a weakness, too many times. That's not a good idea, to assume that I am weak. :-/

I may be a little naive, but I am not outright stupid! It doesn't take me long to figure out that someone is trying to take advantage. And it's true, I can oh-so-very kind... but I also can be down-right bitchy and mean too, when provoked! We all have our limits and there is no exception for me. I have mine too. =p

The last time some mistaken my kindness for weakness, was on EP... a teen girl and her boyfriend... I won't name names here... well, they mistaken my friendship and kindness as a weakness. They honestly thought they could rely on me and be comforted by my words, while at the same time make fun of my looks... something that is a real sore spot for me. I told them to stop, I told them that it bought me to tears, but they figured that I was so kind... that no matter how many times they had fun at my expense, even laughing at my tears too, that I would just get over it and still be there for them.

NOPE! I got bitchy and mean. I exposed them in stories, in EP, expressing my pain of being used and abused. Of course, I was still kind to not mention names in these stories... but they knew who I was talking about. I got rid of them as friends and they were so shocked! It's not a good idea to assume that I will stay nice, when being abused. And when my nasty side comes out, it's not to pleasant for the offensive persons. :-/

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That is BLOOD! Note the fangs...DD

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W <br />
:<br />

No copy right left? X(...<br />
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People will use my emoticon and not even know I am male (most of the time I am and behave as a male wife does sometimes like for me to dress up in a red teddy with garter belt, silk hose and high heeled boots when ever she misses her lesbian days. I like dressing up and pretending to be a femmie girl as it is more fun then just watching and not being allowed to move or even cheer them on. OMGoddess, I am off topic. Silly me I will have to tell you the rest of this story some other time) ;-)... (this time the 3... are dool, which happens when I am forced to watch my wife and 1-3 of her lesbian friends xxxoooXXXOOO ETC...DD

IS X(... new?<br />
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Can I get a copyright?<br />
If so will I get paid~ $1.00 each time someone use it?<br />
can you use your powers to help me? If not me, how about USA as Russia is having long range bombers land in Cuba and that is a threat to Southern states. Can your Warrior Goddess kick there butts? Can She help me get a copyright for X(...<br />
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Can She help get a not so strong med. to take at night as I suspect the new med is making me whacko. Say you?...DD

Actually, you are not insulting my intelligence (=p) but understanding that I am ignorant about emoticons. <br />
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I am ignorant in the true sense of the word as I only started texting this pass December after my wife got me this pc and I started to look for chat rooms as I can not go out side much due to my illness. X(... NOTE: THE...ARE TEARS!!! GET IT? ROTFL, LMAO-is my a-s at least getting smaller, if not off?<br />
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Good news is that I have found MANY new friends. Including one who is a Goddess hiding in a young girl’s body. Imagine that!...DD

ROTFL! ...?<br />
XD...? } WT?...DD<br />

I don't understand it either. I myself am a girl and I like the nice types for most part. Don't like getting into trouble and whatnot.<br />
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I feel like you too. I try to be as nice and polite as I can, but when someone ****** me off... :P. People don't think much of me when I'm polite and trying to stay out of trouble... but a few people have learned the hard way about what kind of a demon lives inside me.

When I was the least compassionate I was very polite because I didn’t need the extra grief of having to deal with some fool who thought he could take offence at the slightest glance. My biggest problem was with girls that I liked who thought I was to nice. I would see guys who were posers who only acted tough who some girls admired. Strange. <br />
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I am with you on this one. It is still not a good idea to mess with me just because I am in fact nice now days. <br />
<br />
Of course, I would never mess with Shadow28 because I don’t want to awaken the Warrior Goddess within her and get clobbered!...DD