Kindness Or Weakness?

After my children's father was killed in a hit and run accident, I guess I was very vunerable to people. My daughter met someone who needed a place to "just sleep" and asked if it would be okay if they just slept on our couch when they weren't working. I asked about this person because I didn't know them, and my daughter said that a lot of the same people we knew also knew them. So I said it would be okay for them to sleep on the couch. The next thing I knew there were all kinds of people coming and asking to stay at my house. I didn't have the heart to tell them no because I just couldn't stand the thought of someone not having a roof over their head. So I let them stay. But I told them that they would either have to get a job, or continue their education. (Not that I had a huge house or anything. Not by a long shot!) After about three months or more, and about 15 or more people coming in and out of my house, eating all the food and destroying almost everything in the house, I couldn't take it anymore and I asked them to leave. I was kind of shocked when some of them refused and acted like it was thier house and not mine at all. So I called the police and had them removed. I still saw a couple of the people that stayed with me over time, and they always act like I owe them something. It really upset me because I have always tried to help people, and these people made me feel like I was weak. Now I am very careful about people that I don't know well. And that bothers me also, because I feel like we should all help each other. And not be made to feel like an idiot for it.

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1 Response Mar 22, 2009

It was very kind and gracious of you to open your home to those who were in need - God will reward you for that! I am sorry that the boundaries were pushed. It is your home, and I believe you should be respected under your roof - period.<br />
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As far as the people being unthankful and feeling like they are owed - they will have to make amends for that. If they are younger - then in time they will probably realize how gracious you were to open your home. <br />
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I hope they let you know! I believe a thank you is in order! :-)