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i think that duct tape is the best gag ever. reason being is tat it comes in many deifferent colors designs, and different sizes. so lets say i wanted to wear a blue shirt in sceanrio i can use blue duct tape with it and its the best thing becuase a cleave gag can be removed with ease by the pesron wearing it ( still requires some skill) and if you want to put something in someones mouth like a sponge or cloth , it helps with securing the duct tape with it . i have like a big wide variety of collection of duct tape. like over 40 different color and designs . so i think that duct tape is the best gag, you can create sceanrios and do cool photo shoots with it because of the designs.
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And it's an effective gag as well.

you are right about it being a good gag i wish same one would use it on me

you really must ot be tied up , huh, like really bad dont you ? why dont you find people around your area im sure you have friend that you could lie to and say that you are doing a study on the affects of restaints or something....

my friend would not understand i am sorry fore the way i said that

its ok i understand i use to be the same way i use to wish i could find someone to tie me up , or like a bondage buddy who understood and wanted ot do it

i understand trust me

thank you

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