Duct Tape My Mouth Every Time I Have Sex

I just have a thing for duct tape from I was young .I will walk in my mom house and if she goes out go and get any tape I can find. Tape it over my lips and walk around in it.
As I got older I met a girl bbw and after a time she so I loved my mouth gag
So if I wet to her she will have tape ready for my slap it on and she do the talking
Love to now as soon she gag me I got a hard one to how does it also happen ?And she loved it to teas me then till I *** in my pants. I like it to.
My duct tape love got so bad is I have sex you must hand gag or any tape of gag me to stay stiff and to ***
Lots of fun is if she is gag and I am and our lips rub over the gags
I love gags and girls how like it to
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Jul 15, 2013