I Have Left Left My Body All My Life

When I was a very young child since the beginning of my memories I have been leaving my body which was nice until I used to see myself asleep in bed and then it freaked me out, I used to question how I could be in two places at the same time and to cut a long story short one time I had a conversation with my mother while I visited her and it was quite heavy topic and the next day I visited her in person and she told me about this dream she had which was exactly the same as my out of body experience. For me personaly I have my proof that it is not just the brain like some scientists say and out of body experiences are real. Over the years I have been to places and seen things that are very beautiful and feel very lucky to have answers like they are a gift. One thing it has done for me is that it has given me faith in the eternality of the soul and lessened the fear of death and given me a purpose for living! In all my experiences love is the only reality that lasts forever!
Anandadas Anandadas
41-45, M
3 Responses Aug 2, 2010

I wasn't on drugs....lol!

Wow that is incredible. I can't say I have ever had an experience like that! Were you sober when it happened? I have felt an experience that was intensely spiritual but I was on a few drugs at the time.

That's interesting. You're right. God is love and He is eternal.