Haunted Resthome?????

This happened at a nursing home I  was assigned to, last year. I was doing my usual walkabout rounds, it was about 3 am, when I got the feeling of being followed. I was in the back part of the building, on the fire escape stairs. I saw out of the corner what looked to me to be an elderly lady, in her 90's, abut 5' tall, 120#. She had silvery Grey hair, all done very pretty in a stacked hairstyle.She also had on a blue Chiffon dress, like what a woman would wear to Easter services, slightly tan hose, black, spiked heels. There was a faint odor of a sweet perfume in the air, like Jontue, Windsong, or Charlie. In any event, I had to walk the stairs, looking for stray residents, trespassers, etc. I kept seeing this woman following me up & down the stairs, periodically. This went on for the better part of my round, until I got back to the front lobby of the home. I then saw her quite clearly in the far hallway, she was walking towards the room a the far end. The receptionist on duty also saw her at the same time, whereupon she gazed back at us, watching her, smiled, then gradually disappeared, before our very eyes. The receptionist broke down in tears, shaking, crying, but I was intrigued, fascinated. l later learned that this woman had passed away that very night in her room,which, was, you guessed it, at the far end of the hallway she was in.But this wasn't all. Later, at 5 am, I was alone in the dining room area, opening up the locked doors. I was about 5 ft. away from the middle of it, by the entrance. I looked at the table setting in the middle of the room, and there was a sort of mist, kind of pale, opaque, in appearance. This mist hovered around the table for 10 minutes, then when I started to go near it, to see up close, it went into the ceiling and disappeared into it. The mist varied in shape, from being rather round, cylindrical, in appearance, to very thin, almost to the point to where you couldn't see it. Later on, I also learned that this was the table she used to sit at & have her meals with her husband, who had died in the same home a few years earlier.Two nights later, I was walking up the rampway to the other side of the building, when I felt a tug on the back of my shirt, then my belt, along with some faint panting, like someone out of breath. I guess she wanted to try to keep up with me. I tend to walk rather fast on my walkabouts, & I guess I was moving too fast for my ghostly companion. Out of the corner of my left eye I caught a faint glimpse of an elderly woman, in a blue Chiffon dress, wearing black spiked heels. I knew in a heartbeat it was her. Well, I kindly asked her to please not hold onto me like that, she was slowing me down. I felt her hands slip off my belt, but I could feel her presence close by me. She kept pace with me pretty much the rest of the night when I did my walkabouts, but on occasion, would try to hold onto my belt/shirt at times; guess she was lonely, or maybe I reminded her of someone she once knew. You know, folks, I really didn't mind her company and all, except for the fact that she was an old lady; why couldn't she have been younger, like maybe in her 20's/30's, pretty, you know? Now THAT'S a haunting I can relate/get into! What man wouldn't? Now,I'm just kidding, here folks! Still, you can't blame me for wishful thinking! (There was one time I was periodically haunted by a very pretty woman from the 1920's, but that's another story for another time!) At one time, part of this home was a place for mentally disturbed folks, so I've been told; some of them having died rather violently in their rooms, also, so the stories go. The wing at the South end of the building had a particularly nasty reputation, as stories were told of screams, moans, being heard, doors opening & closing by themselves, lights turning back on after they've been turned off. I was one of the few people who had enough nerve to walk this corridor alone. I wasn't then, nor am I now, afraid to face things like this alone;the paranormal has always intrigued, fascinated me. I want to know why these occurrences keep happening. So, in my spare time, I investigate places like this. i have taken pictures of my paranormal encounters down through the years. Some of the pictures are good, some not so good. By this, I mean, not for the faint  of heart. And unless you draw some hasty conclusion, this is not for your average Joe, at least not without being prepared first. I mean spiritually. I always say a prayer of protection before I work at any reputedly haunted place, or investigate it. Spirits have an annoying habit of latching onto you if you're not careful. Well, that's all for now. I'll be back again, my fellow fans of the supernatural,with another tale from beyond the grave soon! In the meantime, try to enjoy the daylight! Goodbye, & Goodboooooosss!! HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!         

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