my english is very bad:/ I went to psychotherapy, although I felt that I do not have some serious problems or that psychotherapy can help me. In the end it turned out that I could not even tell what all the troubles, because I started crying. My parents are divorced, they divorced when I was very little and left me to grandmother. both of them have married to other people and have their children. previously it did not bother me, until I noticed that all of my wrong decisions, all the negativity, bad contacts with people, shyness, narcissism, explosiveness, poor self-esteem, I have because of my parents. They enjoy life while I and grandmother lived very poor, I watched a grandmother in her 65 year to go and clean someone's house to get me educatedme . Now I have a master's degree, still living with his grandmother and I see better all their fault. No longer depends on them, but really suffer because of severe childhood. The father have hepatitis C, because the whole life consumed narcotics. My mother is aged and can no longer go out with a bunch of male strangers as before. Due to a combination of situations and because of my grandmother, I they are still answering the phone when they call once in six months. Pretend to respect them. I love grandma, I admire her, but I've survived a lot of her insultstoo . When she was angry throwing  my stuff out and pretended to return me to my parents, I had 10 years. She compared me with monkeys, mares, ***** as my mother, cursed the day that she took me . Sorts of things have happened. To psychiatrist I could not explain why all of this still tortures me .
MarieBulter MarieBulter
22-25, F
Jul 13, 2012