I Feel Amazing!

I have two 50 degree curves and they caused quite a bit or discomfort and pain for the pass two years ( I'm only 18 and was diagnosed at 15). Whether it was walking, exercising at the gym or just sitting in class I felt always a dull pain in my shoulder and discomfort throughout my entire back. I would always be trying to crack it just to get some temporary relief, I also tried physical therapy. I decided I want my top curve corrected in January and had my surgery scheduled for May 18, 2010. It went great. My curves are now 23(the top one that was corrected with metal rods) and the bottom 30. Though it might not seems like THAT much was 'fixed' but its fixed for my body and I don't regret it at all.I woke up and felt the best I had in so long (yes drugs were in my system but for 5 minutes after waking up it was still good). I even sat up about 20 minutes after surgery then was able to change my hospital bed without help. The worst part was the pain medication because I was vomiting constantly. Three-four weeks post op I said screw the Narco and after that point lifes been great! I'm taking walks miles long daily, exercising at the gym (of course not weight, just cardio) and there had been no pain at all. I really hope I get to stay this way for the rest of my life and from what the doctor sees theres no reason I shouldn't.
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I might be getting the operation so I was wondering how long did the vomiting go for. I hate vomiting and I was wondering if it went for long or only like a day or 2.

did you have an epidural? i am supposed to have one and i was really happy because they make u feel great but im not so sure if its safe anymore

Wow thanks I also have 2 50 degree curves n I am getting both fixed