Mine Is Just Fine

5 years had passed when I had my scoliosis surgery. I had 45 degree curvature at my thoracic spine (upper back) before the actual operation. My doctor doesn't really believe in wearing braces (which i am grateful because i dont want to wear one). I tried to attend to my physical therapy but it did not work. I really don't have a problem at all with my scoliosis. My pain tolerance is high, so i wasn't really alarmed back then. however, after several years of doctor visits, my x-rays show that my curvature worsens, so we have to set a date for the operation. It was timely then that i started feeling shooting pains at my ribs part. There were times that inhaling (when my ribs expand) hurts a lot. I would stop breathing for a few seconds so it wont hurt much. That shooting pain gave me a sign that i really need to go on with the surgery. I wont wait for the day that every breath would cause so much pain.

After the operation, i was in utter pain. A lot worse than the shooting pain i had before operation. The week after the operation was the worst! Every movement is a hell. I need assistance when i have to pee or take a shower for about a week. I can't eat, so i instantly became thin. I was advised not to bend down for a while, so my dad have to fetch me to and from school (note: i was in college that time). However, things got better after a month or two. The pain subsided. I no longer feel the shooting pains. I got back to my normal life. I can dance again. I can do cartwheels and baby freeze (still working on headstand though ;-) ). My doctor even told me that i can go back to taekwondo (but i did not coz i don't want it anymore). Sometimes,my back and neck hurts, but it's entirely my fault due to sitting for a long time (in front of computer! damn). I know i still have to take care of myself. I have to exercise and maintain proper posture. Even people without scoliosis have to, what more to those with scoliosis. But other than than, i am fine. Just a little centimeters taller than before =).

I really thank God for my supportive parents, and for my super kind and super talented doctor.
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At least you were one of the lucky ones. I'm not so lucky...it didn't work for me. <br />
But I'm happy that you can live a better life than what you had before.

@honeymonkey: i think i have that harrington rod at my back. how did you know that you have flat back syndrome? were you okay after the operation then later on realized that something's wrong? or was there something wrong right after the operation? sorry for a lot of questions. i am worried, curious, and alarmed when i read your comment (and your story about your chronic back pain). now, i know i really do have to exercise. thanks for the warning. it really motivates me to take extra care.

So glad your surgery turned out great!! I had mine back in the dark ages (1976), and now, years later I'm in terrible shape, facing revision surgery for flat back syndrome and all the associated conditions it causes. I know nowadays the surgery is much improved- gone are the days when patients were imprisoned in a dreadful twenty pound plaster body cast for an entire year. Also gone is the use of the harrington rod, which was the cause of the flat back syndrome and degeneration problems most spinal fusion patients from the old days went on to develop. These days most everyone has a great outcome, and they are up and around right after the operation, with a quick recovery and are soon on their way towards enjoying an improved quality of life; although it is still a very major complicated and painful surgery, nothing to be taken lightly. Most people just think of it as regular back surgery- they don't realize what a huge and serious operation it is! Thankfully, you have the worst behind you. Just don't overdo it, always try to take it easy on your spine when you can- it will always have more stress on it than an unfused spine. And always remember to excersise, that I can't say enough!!! It may seem contradictory, but sitting and laying around on your behind is about the very worst thing you could possibly do for your back. But I'm sure you already know all that... It takes a lot of strength and courage to go through what you did, - congratulations on getting this behind you!!!