I Don't Know What To Do, Please Help!

I'm 16 years old(nearly 17) and was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was 13. My nan first noticed something was different about my body on holiday when one of my hips stuck out further than the other. When I was diagnosed, my curvature was roughly about 35 degrees. Doctors decided that I did not need surgery, and instead put me in a Boston Spinal Correction Brace which I wore for 2 years. Having been out of my brace now for nearly a year, my consultant has said the option for surgery is there if I want it, as I have a stiff curve which could get worse gradually year by year. Although this is not completely necessary now, there is a chance that my curve could get severely worse as I grow up. I really need some advice, as the time my surgery would be is right in the middle of my A Level exams. My consultant said that if I want surgery, ideally they need to do it by 21-ish. Just wanted to make my decision based on more opinions, so I'd be grateful for any advice, thank you!
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Hi I had Scoliosis surgery when i was 12 so no A-levels or GSCEs in the way . If i was you I would take the opputunity to take the surgery but I would take it when the best time is for you maybe in the summer holidays or something . I have had to surgery and its a long recovery but I would totally take it The surgery has changed my life completley It has made me feel more cofident and walk better Take it I would say !

it sounds pathetic, but the scar that I would be left with is also bothering me? is your scar big or can you not really notice it now? and how long after your surgery were you walking and back to normal-ish? also, what about flexibility? does it leave you quite stiff or the same as you were before? sorry for all the questions!

the scar is also which was bothering me before but after you hardly notice it as most of the scar is hidden unless I wear a dress it is big but that depends on the surgery how much there going to fuse I had two part surgery so 1 and a half weeks for me to walk but for 1 part it will probably be 3-4 days I struggle with some f flexibility but it all depends how much of the spine is corrected . happy to answer any questions :)

Do you get a lot of pain with it? I'm having the lower part of my back done- so the middle bit to the bottom I think! What sort of colour was your scar? Because I've talked to someone else and they said there's was purple for a while!?

I had a lot of pain when i had the surgery and now and then i get pain about 1 year after I had intense pain and it is still goin on but not as bad (now 2 years post op) . But genrally pain is fine now but you will get painkillers for the first few weeks or so . I had all my spine fused except the lower part I get a lot of pain at the lower part of my back as it is still curved . The scar starts of purple then goes pinky white colour :) If you want to ask my more please do :)

Is the scar something you're quite self conscious about or does it not really bother you? Because that's one of the things(as shallow as that sounds) that really bothers me!

Well I was more self conscious when i had scoliosis . I am still concousis of the scar when wearing a dress or top that shows the top of my scar as it goes from my neck downwards. and I do wonder if poeple see it when i wear a dress . Also in P.E when I am in the changing room i worry that other girls might see as someone did once. Now I am not to bothered about it as I get on with ti and it is hidden most of the time :) I would rather have a scar then scoliosis to be honest :)

Yeah that's probably true haha! What did it feel like when you came round from the operation? Did it really hurt? And how long was your operation?

When I came round from the operation I dont remeber whether i wsas but later on I did feel pain but the nurses will help you with the pain . It feels like you haeve just woken up but you willl be really tired depending on how long the surgery is . I ahd 2 surgries so both were 5-6 hours each So when i came out it didnt wake up for another 5-6 hours as that was how long it took for mine to wear off :)

Oh fair enough! I think I will go for it, it's just my exams and timing which is a big problem:/!

Great ! Good Luck :)

Thank you very much for your help!

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