Late Night

When I was 19 or so, it would often be in a situation where neither the guy I was seeing or me had our own apartments. Once I was seeing a man who was about 25, but again neither of us had our own apartment: he was a starving artist living in his parent's basement, I was a university student who was able to stave off hunger and poverty by living in my grandmother's house. Sometimes we'd borrow a friend's apartment, but most often we'd end up in the back seat of his car somewhere feigning romance in order to have sex.

One night, we drove and drove looking for a quiet spot, and finally we pulled over where it was deserted and dark. We were at the edge of an area that has a lot of farmer's markets in the spring and summer. The main road had several driveways eventually leading to farm houses that were a half mile or so off the main road. We found a spot close by where there was just an empty lot between the main road and a bank leading up to some train tracks.

My date killed the engine and we both got into the back seat. We talked, drank some beer and laughed while we kissed and he convinced me out of my first layer of clothing. I've never needed much convincing to have sex so once my jacket and shoes were off I just smiled up at him until he pulled me closer to him. He started working his hand under my shirt and bra, while his kisses became more demanding and his tongue explored my mouth or he licked my neck and chest.

Next, my shirt and bra were on the floor of the car, and of course my tight jeans were his next target. Those and my panties came off together, making him still completely clothed and me totally naked. He sat back as he played with my nipples, taking a look at all 100 lbs of my then 19-year-old body (back then, I was 100 or less... a looong time ago. My spinner days are far behind me now :)

I was pretty shy back then, even if I was more than willing to have sex. Smiling, letting my hair fall over my eyes, I straddled him and started unbuttoning his shirt as I didn't want to be the only naked one in the car! I kissed and continued to undress him, so when it came to the point where his pants had to come off I got off his lap, took off his pants and of course out popped his hard ****, so I laid down on my tummy across the back seat of the car and proceeded to suck. He stroked my hair and played with my *** while I sucked, until he wanted to be in me. As he was still seated, my date pulled me back onto his lap and manouvered me on top of his ****, placing his hands on each of my hips so he could guide me up and down during my cowgirl ride :)

We continued on like that in the dark car, me getting wetter and him fully enjoying the look of my tiny little body riding up and down in front of him. The tension was mounting and he leaned his head back as I grabbed the top of the seat while sliding up and down on him. I knew we were both on the edge of exploding, and at that moment I suddenly heard a continuous, "DING, DING, DING, DING, DING..." and to the side of the car I could see red flashing lights. The sound got so loud, but it blended in with our moans as we both started to climax just as a train started to pass behind us. The gravel and earth bank leading up to where the tracks were laid started to shake a little. The flashing lights of the passing train cars were like accents on the "DING, DING, DING, DING" of the crossing bells. I grabbed tighter onto the back of the seat, his head laid back between each of my hands as he closed his eyes and took a firm grip on my hips to help pound me up and down on his **** as the train continued to pass.

Ah, young lust! l always smile when I think of that night.
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You say the sweetest things, pamperuft. xo, lh67

hth... all night long

wooww wht a fantastıc event<br />
ı wonder how ur face when tht traın pass near u :)

There's making love, making love in the back seat of a car when you're young, and 'stuff happening' when you're making love in the back seat of a car. Glad it was a great ending.

Maybe I never was a 'spinner,' I've always had a good size *** on me, even when I was 95 lbs. Glad you found the reference humourous, all the same :)