My First Car

For a while, I had MOST of my sex in a car lol. My first car was a 1985 Lincoln Town Car. SUCH a boat and the seats were very big and very comfortable. I can upload pics if anybody is interested. I really do miss that car...
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Lucky bastard! I had a similar situation but my first car was a convertible VW bug. I'm 6'1" It was like performing a contortion act trying to find a comfortable position in that little box!

yup. 86 was the last good year for towncars.

good car, I had a town car 2005 limited, vinyl roof and some golden shares in the future I want it because I fell in love with the town car, I also like the Cadillac, but the town car is better because it has rear-wheel drive and then and larger. photos to show you?

we're finished *wipes sweat off forehead* took us a while though

When you've quite finished discussing my ****.......

gotta agree with ya there

that's a possibility. You know what? I think Bleed's **** is probably bigger :)

o so true haha. shenanigans

LMAO It never ceases to amaze me how quick things slip into debauchery on the EP

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btw guys, i've uploaded a pic of my old lincoln. I miss that car :'(

"for young guys" make it sound so gay lol

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Just wondered if sadist had been perving for real lol

haha definitely didn't see it that way. why you askin anyway?

lol @ "see the point"

nope, left it down. Didn't really see the point :P

Did you put your pic back up benis? lol


I haven't tried the boat yet. It has a sun deck so it would work well.

lol yeah *** splinters are worse than sandy crevices but that's another story

haha firegod, I bet. never ****** in a truck. in a boats fun though :P

I've always had trucks. The cab is kinda crampy, but tail gates are the perfect hight. <br />
One had a wooden boxliner. *** splinters make girls grumpy.

My first car was a Rambler Rogue. It had bench seats front and back and man was that comfortable to **** in. My first 'real' girlfriend that I ****** loved that car. We used both the front and back seats and had a special spot near her parents house in a park that was nice and secluded.

lol. Love the horn one. *blushes* ad the police one *blushes more*

haha ya, that's great. I can actually remember one time I decided I wanted to follow the words of meat loaf (i used to have a really good spot to park just outside of town, but my city has since expanded and the spot no longer works) and had paradise by the dashboard lights :P forgot they were on and kept doing what i was doing. car died. Had to call a friend to come give me a boost haha

This is ba<x>sementsong's uptake on car sex but it' s too good not to share:<br />
<br />
Hmmm, a rite of passage... guess that is true... <br />
"Son, come here, it's time for you and dad to have another talk..."<br />
<br />
Let's see, he should learn the 'in's & outs' of auto carnalogy. (hehe-heh, I Love making up new words)(oh, and, pun intended)<br />
RULES:<br />
1) Never use your mom's car, esp. to have oral sex in. If there are foot prints on the ceiling in the morning, YOU WILL CATCH HELL!<br />
2) When a cop tells you to get dressed and step outside... DO NOT,,,I repeat, DO NOT, tell him to go **** himself!<br />
3) Never go to the 'make-out point' that everyone knows! If your buddies know you have a date, and they don't, they will 'coincidently' end up there, wait for an opportune (or not) moment, and heckle you!<br />
4) Upon leaving your vehicle for the night, scan for panties, condoms, ear rings or any other evidence of what you did the night before, and spray car deodorant because contrary to YOUR belief system, your mom DOES know that smell! <br />
5) Do absolutely NOTHING in the vicinity of your horn button!

I absolutely agree

I think it's a teenagers rite of passage to have sex in a car and I don't think I know anyone that hasn't done this.