Too Many Times To Keep Track...

The car is a great place to have sex, especially when you are underage and/or living at home. I've had sex in my car, my girlfriends' cars, my girlfriend's (now wife) brother's car, my college roommate's car (I was "watching it" for him while he was on vacation with his family). Most uncomfortable was in one of my college girlfriend's cars - a Ford Pinto - just a little cramped, but the seats folded back nicely. Most interesting was my college roommate's Camero - late 70's vintage. Had my girlfriend lay on the center console while I ate her out. Good days to remember - always an adventure and the variety and spontaneity made it oh so much fun.
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2 Responses May 7, 2012

My 1994 Chevy pick up has so many many indeed. But alas, it is gone to a different place now.

Remind me that if I'll get a car, I shouldn't lend it to you ;)

You\'d have to sit in the back, the passenger seat is already taken by another man :-p